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Austin, TX

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Jolyn Janis grew up on the beaches of Maryland, ventured far and wide and landed most recently in Austin, TX, which she affectionately calls her “homebase”. Her travels have led her into desert adventures in the Middle East, scuba diving in South America and leading adventure travel groups for teenagers in backcountry California. An artist interested in all trades, she studied Design at NCSU, deeply exploring photography, graphic design and furniture design and build. This is also where she had her first on-stage performance and the acting seed was planted.

Jolyn currently explores all aspects of filmmaking including producing, executive producing and acting (her first love). She has been in numerous feature films, shorts and television shows including the Lead in “Vicky & Sam” (awarded at over 60 film festivals internationally), a Guest Star appearance in ABC’s “My Generation” and a Supporting role in “Happy Voodoo” (Tribeca Film Festival).

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