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I seek balance. My mind, and probably most people’s, can be very confusing at times. Balancing, literally or conceptually, relaxes me and enables me to deal with the chaos in my head.
Working across different mediums allows me to engage in new challenges. Varying the medium forces me to solve technical issues of achieving balance over and over. Life is dynamic so my approach to creating is as well.
I further believe that using my mind is a progressive undergoing. While creating artwork clears the mind, viewing it engages the mind and, unlike most of contemporary media, allows for focused thoughts. Focused thoughts are progressive.

I was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. Inspired by the Beat Generation writers I relocated to California at the age of twenty. Here I found myself faced with the struggle of finding a balance between my analytical and composed German side and the loose but competitive approach to life I encountered in California.

Schooled in photography but influenced by conceptual art as well as street art I am creating conceptual work across different mediums.

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