Jonas Törnros

Stockholm, Sweden

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Animation, rigging, animating characters and creatures, facial animation and lip-syncing.
Modeling, creating fun characters on paper and giving them life like behavior in the computer.
Real time 3D in Unity 3D working with and creating optimized models, normal map creation and import in game engine for apps on Android and iOS, working with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality).
Advanced lighting with GI, IBL, HDRI, EXR.
Material knowledge, texture painting, texturing and mapping using UV-unwrap, texture baking and procedural mapping.
Rendering, multi-pass (.exr and .rpf) for compostiting. Experienced with different rendering engines - Octane, Vray, MentalRay, Scanline etc. Experience with external render farms.
Storyboarding, drawing, character development.
On-Set TD and 3D-tracking.
Compositing in Adobe AE.

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  • My website. - Links to my website containing my showreel and other stuff.
  • LinkedIn CV - My curriculum vitae on LinkedIn network.


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