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  1. 08:04:20

    Africa Media Lab

    by Jonathan Marks

    40 Videos

    I'm working on the future of broadcasting in many African countries. This album has a number of videos (indirectly) related to those projects. Get in touch if you want more information - there…

  2. 05:24:07

    NGO 2.0

    by Jonathan Marks

    33 Videos

    Looking at the success of emerging technology and social media in building NGOs for the what the world needs next.

  3. 06:16:42

    International Radio - Insights on Shortwave

    by Jonathan Marks

    28 Videos

    Interviews with people who have worked in international radio business at some point in their career. Some of the interviews also relate to the days when shortwave radio was the only way to cross…

  4. 02:55:43

    Great Ideas

    by Jonathan Marks

    24 Videos

    This album is not grouped by subject. It is simply a story that I think reflects a good idea. Just enjoy.

  5. 01:44:54

    What Caught My Eye

    by Jonathan Marks

    16 Videos

    Technology which might be useful in projects I am working on (setting up digital media centres in West and East Africa).

  6. 56:04

    Mobile Health

    by Jonathan Marks

    7 Videos

    Collected from recent interviews done about mobile health.

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