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Vancouver, BC

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Jonathan's career in the arts spans 25 years. In the late 80’s he performed with the Muppets, was a miniature modelmaker on Captain Power and was a stop motion animator at The Animation House. When he wasn’t animating Jonathan was running his own toy prototyping business, servicing clients such as Disney, Warner Bros, and Thinkway Toys. After moving to Vancouver in the mid 90’s, Jonathan taught Sculpting, Colour Theory and Lighting and was a modeling mentor at VFS. After hours he spent his time learning how to translate his skills to the computer and with 4 1/2 years teaching experience left to work on the 3D animated features “Ice Age” for Blue Sky Studios in New York and then at Pixar for 5 years where he worked on The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Cars, and Up and several shorts.

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