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  1. Sims 2 Machinima

    by Berrybaby27 joined

    43 Videos / 23 Members

    For all things Sims! I didn't see a group for our machinima so I decided to make one. ^_^


    by jonCates joined

    8 Videos / 2 Members

    The SPEED SHOW exhibition format: Hit an Internet-cafe, rent all computers they have and run a show on them for one night. All art works of the participating artists need to be on-line (not necessarily…

  3. criticalartware

    by jonCates joined

    33 Videos / 7 Members

    criticalartware was a media art hystories research & development lab (2002 - 2007) which became an artware demo crew (2007 - 2010) from chicago. criticalartware is now an archived project. CRITICALARTWARE from…

  4. Stand-up Comedy!

    by Ryan Merriam joined

    460 Videos / 189 Members

    This is a group for any and all stand-up comedians or fans of stand-up comedy. Please, add stand-up videos and invite anyone you think might like stand-up comedy. And maybe you could laugh…

  5. GLI.TC/H [r3s!du3]

    by Nick Briz joined

    474 Videos / 255 Members

    This group was originally started in 2010 for the purposes of collating all of the GLI.TC/H event/conference/festival/gathering documentation + bumpers. While it begun this way it slowly became something…

  6. Experimental Machinima

    by jonCates joined

    154 Videos / 57 Members

    Experimental Machinima

  7. Cat Vids

    by Deeleea joined

    19 Videos / 9 Members

  8. Cats videos

    by diamondbabes usa joined

    322 Videos / 223 Members

    Funny cats videos

  9. Media Art Hystories

    by jonCates joined

    56 Videos / 9 Members

    The Media Art Hystories vimeo group is dedicated to the critical study and discussion of various Media Art histories and herstories within the interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts of the histories…

  10. Meta.Live.Nu

    by Ze Moo joined

    18 Videos / 2 Members


  11. Glitch Happens!

    by Michael Titze joined

    61 Videos / 153 Members

    a collective of music artists, djs, designers and vjs, founded in augsburg/germany. this group containes things that drive us, inspire us or just nice stuff all around video. in addition there…

  12. Chicago Artists

    by Jesse Willis joined

    1,385 Videos / 219 Members

    This group is designed for artists from Chicago to share their work with each other. Be it, film, visual effect, motion graphics, or anything else you can think of, this is the place to network with…

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