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I am a twenty-something Boulderer from Charlottesville, Virginia. I own a production company called Louder Than Eleven in Boulder, Colorado and spend the majority of his time making films about climbing that I think are really cool. Bouldering development and adventure in the alpine are what I live for.

I have been climbing for as long as I have had hair on my upper lip. Growing up, I spent the majority of my time in the climbing gym, falling off sport climbs in the New River Gorge, and competing nationally in bouldering competitions. After a seven-year stint in Boone, North Carolina, where I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I headed west to settle in Boulder, Colorado to live the dream and make films about the outdoors. My production company, Louder Than Eleven, is an extension of my soul and provides me with an outlet for my creative side with a focus on bouldering and adventure. Climbing, for me, is all about consistency and over the years, I have built up a resume of first ascents and hard repeats from the highest elevation bouldering area in North America to the smooth granite blocks that line the rivers of Switzerland. I have an unrelenting desire to add something new to the world as a way to escape the monotony of every day life.

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