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Jon James Smith is a British film director currently making short films.

Studying cinematography in the UK at the prestigious Bournemouth Screen Academy under Witold Stok BSC was a great technical and creative base for his career as a director. He went on to work in the industry in the camera department and then as a cinematogapher for several indie productions.

British horror short 'Spira' was Jon's first film as a director and had its debut screening at the Empire cinema in Leicester Square London as part of The British Horror Film Festival 2013, where it was nominated for Best Short Film, Best Actress, and The British Horror Award. It also screened at festivals in Florida, Seoul, and Winnipeg, and featured on and the Chilling Tales For Dark Nights YouTube channel and website.

His most recent short film 'Do Not Disturb' is a dark thriller shot and produced in LA. It is currently on the festival circuit.

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