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Working professionally in the music industry for 14 years. Released 5 LP's on some of the UK's best underground labels. Remixed over 40 artists. Has amassed more than 3 million recorded plays on LastFM and 10′s of thousands of Fans on Facebook.

Touring the globe as a DJ and live band outfit, he has reached global audiences: USA, China, Japan, Russia, India, Middle East, Malaysia and, of course, all over Europe.

Releases continue via his own record label 'The Jon Kennedy Federation'

'Jon Kennedy Federation' productions have worked alongside: Levis, Adidas, Vogue, Dulux, Hennessey, IVI Vision, DC Shoes, Vans, Billabong, Etnies, GUMBALL 3000, WEsc, Channel 4 (uk), BBC & many more. Artists on the label have featured on 2 Hollywood films and continue to work alongside film production company's. JKF artists also compose music and design sounds & use audio techniques for the computer game industry. Jon A&R's and controls the music from his studio and office located in a central European 14th century building.

"Jon Kennedy Federation" brings to you the unique and pioneering discipline of audio branding. The mission is to use music in a unique and creative way to add economic value for our clients
The emotional powers of audio have been long understood to add story telling value to a marketing initiative. Marketers are recognising that music has a unique ability to create deep meaningful relationships and compel customers to take action which generates the much sought after connective tissue between product and customer.


vimeo AT jonkennedy DOT co DOT uk

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