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Founder, and director of Kinofilm, Manchester International Fim Festival, and Manchester European Short Film Festival, and short film curator of the monthly short film night in Manchester, Kino shorts. Based in Manchester since 1983, former cinema owner in Manchester (the Aaben), working in cinema exhibition and independent film sector for 26 years.

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  1. HI Adam, nice showreel. So have you got anything in its entirety that we can show. Short animaiton films ?
  2. Fantastic. A real tribute to a legendary animator.
  3. THis is looking really beautiful. Where can I see it all?
  4. Excellent. Love it. Very Lotte ! Well done.
  5. Excellent - I want to screen it next week. Can someone get in touch with me asap.
  6. John wojowski commented on Penny
    n=nice one.
  7. Nice discussion Tiff and congrats on a great looking programme.