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A returning son blinded by long days in the sun and long, hot nights in The Lucky Country. What do you do after wallowing in illusions too long? How easy is it to yet again put on old shoes and wander around in old routines?

A flâneur. Slight penchant for dandyism. Shivering through windy and wintery days in the TigerCity. I come from Lier, a little shire not far from Oslo, Norway. Smells of strawberries and apples during summer, and pricks in your nose during winter. Fresh air like you've never experienced it.

A restless soul not really knowing where to fit in, too smart for his own good and too stupid to realise it. Studied Comparitive Literature in Oslo before I put my bohemian shoes on the shelf and skeedaddled cross the pond to Australia where I lived for 3 years and studied Media Communication and Public Relations. Back again, I moved south to Kristiansand (a town in Norway) where I worked as a sommelier and gymnastics coach (!) I then found love, returned to Oz, then Oslo, bounced around in jobs - at a crossroads at the moment, all grown up and have to figure out what to do with the rest of the time that's left.

For those who know me it's not a surprise that I have intellectual interests, but I balance it all by being fairly laid back, but my arrogance and vanity can be my achilles-heel sometimes, :) Other than that I'm a stabile, self contained young man, an old soul; I fall prey to melancholy and can be pragmatic but there's a fiery italian living behind my left earlobe, I'm a hopeless romantic. An old fashioned aesthetic. I'm attracted to The Story. I read books, I watch movies and can say something about art, philosophy, design, music, sports and other pop culture trish-trash without sounding too pretentious.

An old skater, a boarder for 10 years before my knees and shoulders went f.u.b.a.r. The snowboard is in the attic somewhere and the surfboard is buried on a beach somewhere in Oz.


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