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Jonnie Leahy is a storyteller with a deep understanding of the creative process. Being on film sets since the age of six thanks to his mother being an art director, he soon became immersed in creative practice, working his way from in front of camera to behind it various camera department roles until his passion for directing became clear.
As a recent graduate from VCA with a Bachelor of Film (Hons), Jonnie worked on his directed craft to realize Northkids, his graduating film that deals with themes of kidadulthood and young love. NORTHKIDS went on to win the village road show/VCA graduating best production and had its world premiere at the Edinburgh short film festival. In 2010 and 2011 Jonnie collaborated with Nicholas Casey to put on a string of performances Electricity from Lemons, a theatre performance staged at Tinning Street Gallery, which explored the electrically charged spaces between complete strangers. In 2013 Jonnie directed 'The Violence Project' for the power house youth theater. A look at how violence was understood and dealt with by young people in western Sydney.
Jonnie's first feature film 'Skin Deep' is set for theatrical release in 2014.


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