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Jon Lamb, a serial entrepreneur originally from Miami, FL, is many things: a big (huge) social media fan, lover of phablets (but hater of the word “phablet”), food truck stalker, tech lover. He has been known to fly to Hong Kong for a tailored suit, Miami for a haircut and New York for a glass of Macallan 30. His Vans are always on the move #vansonthemove. Jon’s a father to the originator of #swagday Mondays, and proud of it. He will spend two hours researching a new app that will save him five minutes - and he never misses a meal. If you need a ringer on your Thursday night trivia team in the categories of geography and “miscellaneous,” Jon’s your guy. He’s a fan of Bass Pro Shops and Brooks Brothers in equal measure and should probably be your pick for a partner on The Amazing Race. You can find him on social media or at The Crunkleton in Chapel Hill.

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