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Jon Yeo is a London based Director of short form stuff. Often combining visual effects with graphically composed live action, and with a heavy aesthetic bias to the art style. His approach involves a diverse range of skills and techniques. A background in graphic design has helped develop a confident visual edge and a distinctive signature to his work.

As a keen collaborator with some of the best creative VFX teams in London like MPC, The Mill, Analog, Man vs Machine and Mainframe. Working with broadcast brands such as ITV, MTV & Disney. High end Brand work for Sky in the UK involved Designing and Directing campaigns for Sky 1,2 & 3, Sky Arts and Sky 3D. An array of commercial clients include Heinz, Microsoft, Cadbury, The Guardian, Unilever and Dyson to name a few.

Select work has been featured in publications including IdN Magazine, Televisual, Design Week, Promo News and The Guardian. Work has also toured internationally in festivals including OneDotZero, Raindance, Kortfilmfestival, LIAF and the British Animation Awards. Short Films and Music Videos have been featured on Stash DVD five times.

Jon has worked on an wide range of award winning broadcast projects, commercial commissions and independent works. Continually exploring new ways to make moving images, he is currently represented as a Director by PostPanic (Amsterdam), Serious Pictures (London) & Troublemakers (Paris).

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