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Jonathan Yi is an award-winning director and cinematographer, most often working in the realms of commercial production and documentary. His documentary feature "Mad Tiger" will be in theaters nationwide in March 2016. His client list in the advertising world includes Nike, Smirnoff, HP, Kleenex, Dos Equis, Trident, Kotex, Microsoft, SAP, TD Ameritrade, Schick, and American Express, among many others. Outside of the ad space, Yi has directed five installments of HBO’s award-winning series "East of Main Street" and shot projects for Paul McCartney, Twisted Sister, Poison, Daniel Johnston, Mates of State, and The Locust. "Shift," a film that Jonathan shot, directed and produced, has also won many accolades and played in many film festivals. As a director/cinematographer, Yi’s work has been showcased in such magazines as Creativity and Vice and was a recipient of an AICP Award in 2006. Yi teaches 16mm and digital cinematography at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He also consults for Canon USA. His promo video for the EOS C300 went viral, launching the EOS C300 to quickly become the most popular rental camera in the world within its first year on the market.

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