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Since 2009 Northdocks creates visualizations for highest standards. One of our main focuses is the design and implementation of full-dome animations for 360° domes or planetariums. Together with our strong partner, the Mediendom of the University of Applied Sciences Kiel, we are part of the market leaders in this field. Northdocks could already contribute to projects of the European Space Agency (ESA) and many companies, such as Carl Zeiss.

Our interdisciplinary compilation provides us with creative skills but also with a high degree of expertise in the fields of computer science and software development. We are therefore able to deal problems, which pure 3d providers fail to solve. Last year, in close cooperation with scientists, we were able to produce a flight through Saturn’s rings, which consists of billions of particles and was delivered in 4k resolution. Due to its high degree of scientific accuracy, this animation enjoys great popularity and several major planetariums have included it in their current program.

We continually explore the latest trends such as the fascinating possibilities of 3D real-time visualizations with WebGL or Flash 11.

To meet the demands of our clients, Northdocks uses original Autodesk software as well as a render farm with over 400 CPU cores. Recently, we were able to increase our rendering capacities through the use of modern graphic boards.

We are looking forward to your visit of our website and we are happy to advise you on specific projects.

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