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Salford, Manchester.

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As a second year graphic design student at Salford University, I am relentlessly fascinated and passionate about all things Graphic Design. I've had work experience at Sphere Design and Avocado Design. I’ve also worked in most areas of the Adobe Suite which I am confident in, my favourite of the package being Adobe Illustrator.

However I like working in all areas of design, whether that be creating videos, websites or just drawing out some ideas in a sketchbook.

I’ve just been elected Arts Editor/Publicity for the Salfordian newspaper, which as of next year is going online, and I’m also the Kit Secretary for the Salford Mountaineering Club. Both roles involve creating enticing designs that will boost brand awareness. With the Mountaineering club my aim is to attract new members to the club, where as the work for the Salfordian involves creating a large general awareness.

I work well either on my own or within a close-knit team. I'm a good communicator, imaginative, enthusiastic, driven and eager to widen my knowledge of Design. I'm always designing, and when I’m not I'm improving upon my design skills.

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