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Hi ,my name is Jordi Cabeza Castañ.

I explain a little about me.

I’m expert in Fx dyanmics with Autodesk Maya & liquids with Realflow, also
I using Houdini.

I'm beta tester of Next Limit for Realflow 2013 & 2014.

I have 14 years experience as Senior Fluids - VFX Artist & 3D Generalist Artist in Films, Games, Commercials, Tv channels and Events for companies in: Spain, USA, Australia, Andorra, Portugal, Belgium, France, UK ,Singapore and Germany.

I have excellent experience & skills with Autodesk Maya, Maya Fluids ( Liquids, Water, Smoke, Fire, Physical Elements, Atmospherics, Rain) , Ncloth, Nparticles, Fume FX, Pulldownit, Vray Ray for render.

Also I'm using After Effects , Photoshop & Premiere.

All my reel is profesional works and I hope you like my work. You can see here :

Thank you :O)

Kind regards,

Jordi Cabeza

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  • My website - Visual Effects, Realflow, Autodesk Maya, CG Genereralist


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