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Jorge Rodolfo De Hoyos is a San Francisco-based interdisciplinary artist focused on dance and contemporary modes of performance and embodied presentation.

My work seeks to create a space to scrutinize, question and (de)construct the systems that hold the personal in relationship to the social, spiritual and ecological. My work ranges from contemporary performance art for the stage, public interventions, communal ritual experiences to traditional Mexican folklorico dance. I’ve worked with artists Sommer Ulrickson, Christine Bonansea, Meg Stuart, Erika Chong Shuch, Jesse Hewit, and Nathaniel Justiniano and mostly with my two mentors Keith Hennessy and Sara Shelton Mann.

I find energy from the vibrant communities that abound in San Francisco (artistic, permaculture, sexual, spiritual, etc), especially my friends working in queer performance/activism. I was born in Los Angeles, studied Cultural Anthropology at UC Santa Cruz, and I currently live in and coordinate THEOFFCENTER, a community and queer art space.


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