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Jorge "JorgeyFilms" Casanova (born 1990) is an American visual artist from Houston, Tx, with over 12 years of combined experience ranging from photography to film making. Jorge's passion for media began with graphic design at age 15. Later inspired to become a full-time freelance artist, Jorge managed to eventually be self taught in web design and photography by age 19.

JorgeyFilms was founded by Jorge as a media brand in 2010 with a focus on cinematography. The driving force is to set a new standard in skill, versatility, and creative range. His portfolio encompasses diverse, cutting edge projects which vary from documentaries to music videos, and corporate commercial productions.

It is creative passion that drives Jorge and a singular desire to create visuals that will inspire receivers of his work. Though young and early into his career, Jorge has created a presence that is constantly being recognized as a perfect blend between classic and urban delivery.

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