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After a short career in IT, Joris Weerts decided to pursue his love for cinema and story-telling. Having a background in editing and music, he mainly focuses on the direction of short films, music videos and commercials. It is his aim to create atmospheric pieces reflecting on the human condition.

His work is characterized by his use of magic-realism and social-realism and his emphasis on immersion in the audiovisual experience.

Apart from the immersive experience that film offers, Joris is also attracted to co-operative qualities inherent to the process of creating cinema: a work environment where individuals work together to create, where they are being valued for their own unique talent and being influenced by the creative talent of others.

Among his sources of inspiration in cinema are PT Anderson’s love for human stories and encyclopedic knowledge of the language of cinema, Gaspar Neo and Winding Refn's audio/visual use of tonnage to create atmosphere. Inspiring filmmakers that work in the commercial space are Chris Cunningham and Romain Gavras for there extravagant approach to communicate a artist/product.

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