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Madrid, Spain

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Hedonism, humour, tension, rebellion… These are the results of breathing images since childhood.
First, through movies. His dad was a projectionist in a small village movie theatre. This is where he learned, through celluloid cuts, to understand the power of the image. Later on, he did it through video and photography: his lifestyle. Jose Morraja studied Fine Arts, and that provided him with an artistic baggage that can be appreciated in his work, which he considers to be completely addicted to. A “vice” that led him to train and work as a photographer and filmmaker in countries like France or Germany. His operational base has been settled in Madrid for two years now, but he is always in constant motion. Chameleonic and versatile, his work could be defined, first and foremost, as honest and straight forward. Morraja explores the personality of the models, actors, musicians, sportsmen or celebrities who he works with, in order to show their most authentic side.
His films and images are a tool that allow him to express openly, without fear, with attitude. He works mainly in the fashion industry, advertising and music, combining the two tools: photography and video. Risk, perseverance, and savoir-faire. You Got to Burn to Shine!

Armani, Biotherm, Bugaboo, Calzedonia, Chanel, Diesel, Etnia Cosmetics, Google, Grupo Puig, H&S, Intimissimi, KIA, L’ Oréal Paris, La Biennale di Venezia, Levi’s, Menbur, Nike, Sasoon, Sebastian Professional, Sello Movistar, Sony Music, Swatch, Vanity Fair, Wella …

Neo2 Spain, Tenmag Spain, Marie Claire Brazil, Tokion Factory USA, Mother Greece, Brink Mexico …

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