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I'm a film maker based in London. Don't forget to read my blog:

In February 2010 I completed a degree in Digital Film making, for which I received a 1st.

Since then I have been working as part of End of the Road Films, directing music videos and developing future projects for the company.

I am also one of the founding members of Cabal Studios (, through which I produced my first feature length documentary 'Little Tibet'.

I am fluent in Final Cut, Photoshop and After Effects and I can converse in Shake and Color.

I can order a coffee in Soundtrack Pro.

My experience in film started in stop motion animation, which spills into my current work.

That means I tend to bring a little bit more to the table than straight A to B filmmaking.

I like to use puppets, costume and 'camera trickery' to make video a more exciting and versatile medium. I like to experiment, but not at the cost of a good story.

Have a look at my work, and feel free to drop me an email, PM or comment.

Thanks for stopping by.

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