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Joseph Cahill was born in New York City in 1976. When he was ten-years-old he sang two seasons in the
Metropolitan Opera which included a production of Tosca starring Placido Domingo and directed by
Franco Zeffirelli. His mind operatically warped forever, he later attended Alfred University in upstate New York where he studied glass-blowing and lithographic printmaking. In 1998 was awarded a Fulbright Grant to move to Prague to work
under famed Czech surrealist director Jan Svankmajer. After two years spent completing Svankmajer’s
feature Otesanek and eating much pork and dumplings, Svankmajer lent Cahill his studio to make his own first short film Okenka. Okenka brought Cahill to film festivals all over the world including Rotterdam, where the Brothers Quay got him very drunk. Cahill remained in Prague for almost nine years, during which time he wrote the script for his first Sci-Fi feature The Night Fisherman. A fortuitous moment teamed him up with veteran producer Ben Barenholtz (Raising Arizona, Barton Fink, Miller’s Crossing, Requiem for a Dream) and the two will produce the film in the Czech Republic and France in 2010. While still in Prague Mr. Cahill mentored the rising stars of American cinema Ray Tintori (Death to the Tinman) and Ben Zeitlin (Glory at Sea) when they were still wayward students who spent their nights yodeling with Russian hobos. In 2007 Cahill moved to Paris and has since then been making music videos, short films and EPKS for French rock-stars such as Arthur H and Emily Loizeau. Most recently Cahill completed a new short film, Sleep Now, a pschological horror about fear and crêpes.

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