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  1. interactive installations

    by Roxanne Leitão joined

    6 Videos 6 Members

  2. Interactive Work

    by Miguel Bermudez joined

    9 Videos 3 Members

  3. Interactive Media

    by untitled J joined

    9 Videos 6 Members

  4. interactive wall

    by MultiTouch joined

    4 Videos 7 Members

  5. Interactive Storytelling

    by Omar Arshad joined

    4 Videos 7 Members

    This group is contains videos which relate to the following: - Interactive Narrative - Digital Storytelling - Interactive Media - Animation - Storytelling

  6. Octane Render

    by Samuel Zeller joined

    707 Videos 674 Members

    A group for all the Octane render users on Vimeo Octane Render by refractive software is the world first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer and its fast, very fast. Not only is Octane…

  7. Interactive architecture

    by David oyler joined

    5 Videos 9 Members

  8. Interactive Signage

    by Dzenan joined

    12 Videos 5 Members

    Interactive touch applications used for pos

  9. Interactive installations

    by jamie barlow joined

    39 Videos 23 Members

  10. Interactive Art

    by benjamin grosser joined

    50 Videos 18 Members

    Works of art that utilize interaction as a central strategy. These works are not fully realized without human participation in some sort of reciprocal feedback loop.

  11. Scripting, Programming and Generative (Computational) stuff

    by Sander Sturing joined

    453 Videos 142 Members

    Processing, OpenFrameworks, 3D, Generative, Interactive, Computational...

  12. InteractionDesign

    by Yameng Li joined

    43 Videos 17 Members

    Anything that is related to interaction design, low-tech or hi-tech, bring it on.

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