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New York, NY

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My name's Josh Carter, and I'm the funniest young comic around! I'm often confused with European Basketball Stars who share the same name and went to the same school (Texas A&M).


  1. Reggie Watts
  2. Jon Feldman
  3. Jess Agi
  4. Kevin Corrigan
  5. Steph Belsky
  6. jeff rosenberg
  7. Dan Gurewitch
  8. Jake Hurwitz
  9. Jake Lodwick
  10. Katie Lehr
  11. Ricky Van Veen
  12. sarah schneider
  13. Matt Gorman
  14. Kevin Slane
  15. Justin from Michigan Tech
  16. Jake
  17. Jeff Rubin
  18. streeter seidell

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