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  1. Philly Painting

    Philly Painting Philadelphia


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    The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program has teamed up with the Dutch artists Haas & Hahn (responsible for the world famous ‘Favela Painting Project’ in Brazil) to start a neighborhood beautification project of unprecedented scale, coined ‘Philly Painting.’ The artists…

  2. Chris McGaughey

    Chris McGaughey Pontypridd, Wales


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    Editor for like an egg productions.

  3. Luke Jacobs

    Luke Jacobs Plus Lives in London, from Wales


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    Luke Jacobs is an award winning cinematographer based in the UK. His DoP work includes Rudimental's smash hit music video 'Not Giving In' which won 5 awards including two at Cannes (YDA) and a UK Music Video Award. His work has also won a Q award (Best Video - Manic Street Preachers…

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