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I'll be putting up random videos of ventures that occur when traveling, climbing, slacklining, highlining, or anything I feel is Vimeo worthy. They may not be the craziest, or most professional, but its all for fun.


  1. Monkey Do
  2. Joe Hill
  3. Iara Bouhid
  4. Alicia Haraksin
  5. Jillian Martin
  6. Craig Shimala
  7. gnarly bay
  8. Toth Ministries
  9. andrew ridley
  10. matt ridley
  11. Jean-Baptiste Chandelier JB prod
  12. sebastien montaz-rosset
  13. Matt Wiebe
  14. Prana Living
  15. steph davis
  16. Rock & Ice
  17. Vienna Slackliners
  18. Gibbon Slacklines

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