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Shaped by rock and gospel roots Josh Falcón creates a personality and carisma as an artist through his music and message. Playing drums in church as a teenager,and growing up in a family heavily influenced by music gave Josh the exposure as a young boy. Josh then found his way and heart to the guitar as a senior in High School. "I will always remember my childhood, watching my Dad play bass with his brothers, a typical weekend I would spend just siting on bench to the side watching them hash out music arrangements, I was so awestruck as a kid to see them create and have so much fun". "I began to notice I had a voice inside me towards the tail end of High School, and once I picked up the guitar, I found myself writing songs from the get go and haven't stopped".

Although Josh began his journey in the church, he soon found bandmates of Method Echo, which began immediate mainstream attention on the West Coast and abroad. Having the chance to share the stage with artist's such as, Life House, Chris Daughtry, Abandon Kansas, Grits and more.. "I can honestly say I wouldn't of learned and progressed to who I am today as an artist and person if it wasn't for the experiences and the guys in Method. "Being in a band taught me so many things, so many highlights and so much rejection, I've soon learned this business and culture is very cut throat, but if you follow your dreams with hard work and a plan things will happen".

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