Joshua Oakley

Misty Mountains, North America

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Peace Understanding World Art Compassion Turquoise Silver Gold Sapphire Diamond Inn Soul Heart Wisdom Balance Integration Creation Preservation Life Love Lights

Student of Peace, Love, Understanding, Light, Life, Good Health, Balance, Art, Writing, Gardening, Drawing, Imagination, Dreams, Stars, Poetry, Magic, Wilderness, Oceans, Moon, Sun, Beauty, Truth, Balance, Justice, Freedom, Compassion, Environment, Sustainability, Wisdom, Visions, Creativity, Knowledge, Information, Complexity, Simplicity, Unity, Diversity of Self, World, Universe, Multiverse, Omniverse, Cosmos, Peace, Love, Understanding, Justice, Freedom, Compassion, Environment, Sustainability, Wisdom, Dreams, Visions, Creativity, Imagination, Knowledge, Wisdom, Information, Complexity, Simplicity, Duality, Hope, Perseverance, Patience, Universe, World, Growth, Change, Learning, Study, Silence, Music, Poetry, Storytelling, Art, Politics, Policy, People, Helping, Beauty, Ocean, Moon, Star, Stars, Sky, Earth, Fire, Air, Wind, Magic, Language, Creation, Preservation, Life, Love

Tree of Life Universal Endor Nine Worlds of Earth Sun System of Atlanteans, Templars, Elves, Dwarves, Wizards, Witches, Nature Spirits, Frost and Storm Giants, Titans, Dragons, Trolls, Orcs and Dark Elves, Aliens, Elementals, Vampires, Fire Demons and Giants, Shadows, Ghosts, Wraiths, Faeries of Light and Darkness, Demigods, Angels, Eternals, Gods and Goddesses, Devas and Asura, Asgardians, Olympians, Guardians of Nature, Earth Middle World, Otherworld, Universe, Cosmos, Metaverse, Celestials, Multiversal Guardian Tribunal, Balance of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, Chaos and Order, Dimensional Realm of Dreams and the Source of Light and Life, Creation and Preservation of the Omniverse of Life

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