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Joshua Thomas was born in San Antonio, TX and has been a fan of acting since he was a toddler. From forcing his childhood friends to perform with him to actually starring in plays as a teenager. Joshua was finally given a video camera and his fate was sealed. As he got older, he began to get serious about acting and began auditioning for short films around town and commercials. He did several short films, feature films, plays, and web series as well as various 48hr film competitions. He became a part of the Improv Troupe “The Denials” which performs weekly Saturday Night’s at 10pm at the Overtime Theater. Joshua Thomas is an actor, writer, and director. He is currently producing a web series he wrote and directed called "Watching You" as well as acting in many other projects. Entertaining is his passion and he does not see an end to him doing it in the foreseeable future.