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Director, editor and filmer = Filmmaker!

Here I have gathered a random selection of films. Have a look around and if you feel like more then head to:

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  1. Carsten Thies
  2. Kaspar Kaven
  4. Midnight
  5. SubMotion
  7. WorldSnowboardTour
  8. Nina Ijäs
  9. Paul Roberts
  10. Kinos 666
  11. Mike Pohjola
  12. Damian John Harper
  13. richard hegarty
  14. Flatlight Creative House
  15. Wolfram Huke

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  1. Hi, beautiful footage! I'm wondering what picture profile you were using for this?
  2. Hey! I just got the Meikon housing. Were you using the underwater whitebalance setting of the A7S and also, did you use any filters? Thanks!