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JOSUBU brings it’s full service artistry to broadcast promotions, motion design, high-end presentations, music videos, multi-camera productions and many other creative projects for broadcast, cable and the internet as well as national sales meetings and video marketing for corporate and pharmaceutical companies/agencies.

JOSUBU's high quality creative work is seen on Super Bowls, episodic television, cable networks and of course the internet. Their clients include CBS Marketing, World Wide Pants, The Late Show with David Letterman promos, Synchrony Health Care, ESPN, BMW, Pfizer, GSK, Strategic Frameworks and many other networks, companies and agencies. JOSUBU is fully committed to every project with the collection of artists we pull together for every production to creative perfection. Regardless of the size, we approach all projects in the same way and the same process.

Formed in 2011 by Jonathan Budine in order to serve an existing stable of clients, JOSUBU brings their expertise and experience to all avenues of production. We design the initial concept, writing the script and direction through to their highly artistic post-production process—and everything in between.

JOSUBU Productions personnel handle shoots ranging from single camera, to multi-camera all across the United States.

When you need a highly creative commercial, broadcast promo, web video, presentation video or music video, JOSUBU Productions can create your solution.

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