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Westerville, Ohio

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Jourdain Whalen is a Westerville, Ohio skateboarder. He always skates no matter what. Almost all people in Westerville know him because he's cool, nice, and most importantly good at skating. He is also found on google, myspace, and etc! He is currently riding for Rws Skateboards and Vengeance Clothing. I am not Jourdian by the way, there are mutliple people who use this account. Such as his cousins who ride with him and his close friends. If you want Jourdian's real account that he uses, type in Jourdian Whalen on the youtube search bar. Add him and talk to him!

For more video's, check out the links below! Hope you guys enjoy! Better video's coming soon, we promise we will get stair ralis, big stairs, sick gaps, gnarly ledges and more! (Myspace account) (Team account)

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