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  1. 03:20:43

    Angry Birds

    by Journey's Crossing

    Why Can't All Just Get Along?

  2. 01:31:16

    God's Christmas Wishlist

    by Journey's Crossing

    Act Justly Love Mercy Walk Humbly

  3. 02:50:30


    by Journey's Crossing

    4 Part Series on -Spiritual Warfare -The Holy Spirit -Angels and Demons -Heaven & Hell

  4. 02:57:58

    Everything I Need to Know I Learned From TV

    by Journey's Crossing

    Episodes: -10/9 House: Dealing with Personal Pain in Healthy Ways -10/16 Biggest Loser: Making the Changes that Matter the Most -10/23 Modern Family: Surviving a “Messed-Up” Family -10/30…

  5. 02:36:13

    WEiRD: Because Normal Isn’t Working

    by Journey's Crossing

    Topics Include: -Weird Money -Weird Time -Weird Relationships -Weird Values -Weird Sex

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