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Led by Exeter based artist duo Drunk With Joy, the Joy Collective is a new multi-disciplinary independent arts collaboration between some of the most interesting and potentially most important visual and performing artists to emerge from the South West in recent years.

In its current formation, the Joy Collective comprises six visual artists, three choreographers, one digital media artist and two music artists, all of whom have spent the last year re-interpreting each other’s new or existing bodies of work, or supporting the re-interpretation of their own work by other members.

The outcome of the first year of this collaboration is a multi-artform showcase including sculpture, animation, dance, photography, film, painting, drawing, new media and printmaking, set to a live music soundtrack by Drunk With Joy and aimed to challenge traditional presentations of visual art, contemporary dance and live music.

On Thursday 6th November, the pilot of the first ever Joy Collective showcase was presented to an audience of over 200 people at Exeter Phoenix. This showcase will be expanded to include more artists and new work over the next few months and will hopefully commence touring art venues across the UK in late 2009.

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