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My name is Genevieve Cooper, and I’m a 19-year-old Aussie illustrator, photographer, filmmaker and designer. I was brought up on the Swan River in Western Australia. My mum home schooled my brother and I until I commenced my Diploma in Mass Communications at Central TAFE in Northbridge, Perth. I completed my Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) at Curtin University at the end of 2013. Since then, I’ve been self-employed, creating music videos, doing professional photography and illustrations.


I love the creativity involved in film making and illustrating and designing. One of my favourite interests would be hand-painted portraits and flowers. I always take my sketchbook around with me so that if an idea comes to mind, I can draw it on the move. The amazing things you can do with a camera continues to inspire and fascinate me, and the editing suite is exactly where I want to be after a successful shoot. Special effects add that little interesting touch to a project. My studies have introduced to me a ginormous range of aspects on the film industry as well as scriptwriting, documentary and music video production, advertising, live television studios and all things camera, lights and sound. Along with film, i have experience in animation and digital and web design. Thanks for reading, please have a look at my website:

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