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Online Video\Audio Sermons of the Joy of Satan Ministries Clergy.

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Joy of Satan Ministries is committed to the restoration of True Satanism. We look to the True Creator of the religion now known as "Satanism" and the Creator is Satan, himself. For far too long, enemies and outsiders have been free to define Satan and Satanism to fit their own agendas. Satan has rarely ever been allowed to speak for himself and reveal who he really is and what he is really about. Satan is a real being. He has interacted with many over the past several thousand years and he has left us his doctrines of the Al Jilwah, the Qu'ret Al Yezid and other manuscripts. He is the original Horned God.

All sermon videos are 320x240px to keep file size as small as possible for users with slow and unstable connection. - Please use the "DownloadHelper" add-in for Mozilla Firefox to download our Sermons.

Please note: no emails, responses or invites will be sent from (Or viewed by) this Channel. The Joy of Satan Ministries has set up this Channel purely for the Public release of Satanic Audio Sermons. For any questions or discussions related to Spiritual Satanism and the exposing of the enemy religions ( xianity and its numerous guises ) please visit our Online Satanic Groups with over 13 000+ Registered Members:

-High Priest Vovim Baghie

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