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San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

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Home based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, J. Perez-Mesa has published his work in local, national and international news papers, magazines and books. His art, performing arts, dance and documentary photos are part of public and private collections in several countries.

This Cuban-American photographer has more than thirty years of experience in the photographic industry and over sixteen in the digital imaging field as developer, artist and consultant. He has re-discovered motion photography in the last years thanks to his close relation as a freelancer for a top photography, video and cinematography brand.

J. Perez-Mesa, has being member of the Board of Directors, former Secretary and Founder Member of the Puerto Rico Photojournalist Association (AFPPR). He is also member of the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and dedicates some of his time to help and develop new photographers.

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