Jesús Pérez-Miranda

Madrid, Spain

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Jesús Pérez-Miranda was born in Jaén, Spain (September 2nd, 1980), but he was raised in Badajoz. He studied Audiovisual Communication at Navarra University. For his degree project he directed the short film Donde habita el silencio (Where silence lives), which received six Kino awards (Pamplona). Later, he studied Editing at the Film School in Madrid (ECAM) where he collaborated in some short films internationally famous. Afterwards, he also directed the experimental short film Alice in Hollywoodland, which has participated in various exhibitions and film festivals. Nowadays he combines his work as a producer and editor on television with the development of personal projects. Jesusito de mi vida (Dear child Jesus) is his first short film as a professional. Apart from directing it, he is also responsible for the script, production and financing. The short film was premiered on March 2009 at the Envideo Festival (Cáceres) winning two awards.


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