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A multiple award winning writer and filmmaker, Julio has been awarded a "Webby Honoree" with his sci-fi "2012" web series under the extremely competitive Drama category at the 16th edition of the Webby Awards. Julio has also won the "Filmmaker On The Rise" & "Best Screenplay" in NYC, as well as his films having received numerous accolades and nominations in various film festivals all over the world. The innovative filmmaker has also been directly showcased in prestigious film festivals in Italy, Guatemala and New York City.

Being the founder and creative director of Quetzal Productions, since 2005 Julio has been the producer, writer and director of three feature films, two web series and over half a dozen short films. The short films are enjoying non-exclusive world-wide distribution and are being broadcast regularly on TV in channels in Canada, USA and Guatemala. Julio's feature film RABID RAGE enjoyed theatrical release in Guatemala having played in numerous cinemas successfully. It is currently being distributed worldwide where it has enjoyed play in Canada, USA, Guatemala, South Korea, Germany and Russia.

An accomplished screenwriter, Julio has had multiple "writer-for-hire" contracts, leading to numerous major projects in development, including two dramatic epic stories, Simon Bolivar:Liberator and Marco Polo And The Court Of Kublai Khan, co-written with TJ Mancini ( writer/producer of Sydney Lumet's Find Me Guilty) and the classic story The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, co-written with Max Ryan (from Death Race and Sex And The City 2). Julio's latest epic script is the oldest tale ever told, the wonderful mythological drama "Gilgamesh".

Specializing in adaptations, Julio has successfully brought to the screen stories such as "Machiavelli's The Prince", "Plato's Myth Of The Cave" and "The Hubris Of Sisyphus". Also proficient in documentaries, Julio traveled to Venezuela for the titled "Simon Bolivar: Path To Glory" where he served as the screenwriter and associate producer for the project.

Julio's recent film festival experience also include jury duties in Mexico's largest short film festival "Cine A Las Calles", including Guatemala's first edition of such.

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