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Currently lives in Los Angeles working as a freelance editor, producer, tour manager, and DJ. He recently finished editing a documentary trilogy based in Accra, Ghana. The first entitled, “Hallelujah!” The film presents an African talking drums version of Georg Friedrich Händel’s Hallelujah chorus, as staged and performed by legendary drummer Ghanaba together with the Winneba Youth Choir. The Second, “Accra Trane Station,” distills three years of video conversations with Nii Noi Nortey, the Ghanaian sculptor, instrument inventor, and avant-garde instrumentalist. Nortey discusses the African legacy of John Coltrane, and how it inspired invention of his "afrifone" instruments, and a series of twenty Accra Trane Station sculptures and four CD recordings. The third, “A Por Por Funeral for Ashirifie,” follows a honk horn funeral for prominent drivers of the La Drivers Union in a similar style to the New Orleans Jazz Funeral. (Winner of the Prix Bartok at the Jean Rouche International Film Festival, 2010)

Along with filmmaking and writing he also holds a deep love for music and its powers. Whether it be its symbiotic relationship to film, its uncanny ability to create mood, or the soundtrack to his life, music has been leading Mr. Richards on transient journeys since the acquisition of his first tape, The Jungle Book. It is thus of no surprise that Mr. Richards started Dulcet Collective, for like minded dj's and producers with a passion for electronic music and beyond.

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