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"macro-video for musicians in action"

This project juxtaposes different experimental musicians. Each artist was asked to improvise sound work. The short video are documentations of these processes. it was almost a physical experience, the sources of sounds and the relation between movement, materials and oscillation became evident.

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  1. johndeneuve
  2. tg gondard
  3. art of failure
  4. Marie Rømer Westh
  5. AudeRrose
  6. Ben Russell
  7. myriampruvot
  8. Roberto Duarte
  9. dautrescordes
  10. R.A.S
  11. Laurent Chambert
  12. macro live
  13. gg dv
  14. Takis Tap
  15. Pierre aubert
  16. Natuur Brutt
  17. andrew benson
  18. Teleciego

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