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Young circus artist.
Performed by:
Inna Boshko
Inna Lymar
Iurii Danylchenko

Artem - 15/03/1992 born. From childhood I was interested in acrobatics.
The school organized a team of parkour.
Never stayed there, always wanted to before. For these qualities he was called Restless

Inna - born 1/20/1991. She and the arts are on the same road, where many have tried it myself.
She studied choreography and acting. But the choice fell on the circus. The genre was given to her hard, but she did not give up and made no small.

Yuri - 07/21/1988 born. In nine years, went to the circus studio and with the age began performing on different stages of their city and then the country. At the same time, he has not stopped studying at the university created a circus band Jump-Ropes

Since 2010 the band has performed in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, etc.


  1. Maxim Donchik
  2. Constantine Konovalov