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Chicago, IL

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Current documentation being produced by JRV MAJESTY Productions focuses on cultural exploration of queer artists, organizations, and practitioners.

Based in Chicago JRV MAJESTY Productions is a production company working with queer artists, organizations and practitioners to explore, develop & advance professional content. We collaborate with a collection of skilled photographers, graphic designers, videographers, editors, fashion designers, chefs, web designers, stylists, makeup artists, light and sound designers, illustrators and experienced community members to produce cost effective, quality, and innovative works in performance, film, literature, music, documentation, and more everyday.

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  1. We Stand Sideways
  2. Alex Thompson
  3. Chicago Artists' Coalition
  4. Max Wilson
  5. UChicago Arts and Public Life
  6. JI YANG
  7. Open TV (beta)
  8. Ellen Nielsen
  9. Charles L. Rice
  10. sierra dufault
  11. Making Out with Wes Perry
  12. Antibody Corporation
  13. The Good Night Ladies
  14. A Film Lady
  15. Dakota Loesch
  16. Freddy Hahne
  17. Christopher Knowlton
  18. Jackalope Theatre

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