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Greg L Morgan Jr., commonly known as J.Shotti, (GLMJS Photography) has proven his excellent photography skills by acquiring clients such as Seventeen Magazine, YRB Magazine, Diesel, JFK Magazine (Holland), and Universal Records in his relatively short time of practice. Based in New York City, Shotti has taken advantage of his versatile environment to further inspire him for future projects or photo shoots. His work ranges from high-end fashion to street, giving his clients a broad spectrum of looks he can achieve.

Shotti has also photographed celebrities such as LL Cool J, Soulja Boy, Harry Belafonte, Armand Assante, RZA, Jesse Boykins III, and Jay Sean among others. Besides the work posted on this site, more of Shotti's work can also be viewed at brainwaye.com, a collaborative effort with graphic designer, Jean Goode.

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