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Jackie Stubbs began crafting her storytelling and video production skills at the age of sixteen. She attended high school in a low-income community, utilizing her limited resources around her. With the help of her mentor, Brenda Semanick, she landed a job with the Sunnyside Unified School District as a video intern. While interning at SUSD, she created a reality TV program, "Valencia and Alvernon," titled after the location of her high school. She won a online video weekly contest through NBC in 2007 for her show.

Stubbs was accepted as one of eighteen students in the Bachelor of Fine Arts film production program at the University of Arizona. While in the program, she worked on over twenty-five short projects, created six short films, and outside the classroom she also freelanced as a camera operator and video editor.

Her latest film, a short documentary, entitled "Gaja" documented a two-week journey Stubbs and her mother took to Seoul, South Korea. Her mother Tok, spent nearly 25 years away from her native country. In the film they explore their tension-filled relationship based on the filmmaker's childhood memories and their cultural differences that separated them as mother and daughter. The two learn how to make amends with the past and ultimately become closer as a result.

Jackie Stubbs has recently relocated to Los Angeles in pursuit of a film career.

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