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Jessica has made award-winning shorts in both comedy and drama and has been shown in festivals across the world as well as on TV both here and in the States. A self-taught filmmaker her focus is performance. She loves working with actors and is good at spotting emerging talent. Her work demonstrates a strong visual flair. With two feature projects in development she is looking to jump to the next level and shoot a feature project and to have her TV debut. Her ambition is work across TV and film.


Humane Resources (short film) Winner of London Independent Film Festival Best Short Short Award.
Funny, witty writing, and good acting.. A great comedic spin on the hiring process. DC Shorts Festival.

15 Seconds (short film) Winner Audience Award For Best International Short Ft Collins Trimedia Festival.
-The strong performances together with the great sound score and smart editing made this a stand out short. Ft Collins Trimedia Festival.

Four Conversations about Love (short film) Winner of DC Shorts Best First Time Director Prize.
- An alluring and provocative film that is well-crafted and beautifully shot. DC Shorts Festival.
- A smartly written and deftly acted film suffused with the burdens of reality and poignancy. NBC Channel 4.

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