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Beijing, China. TVE Asia-Pacific

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Videojournalist. Graduated in Journalism and Information Sciences, with experience in audiovisual fields related to work in television: cameraman, video editing, researching, script writing, etc. Good skills working in breaking news.
First studies was engineering and music, then audiovisual and journalism, where I focused my profesional career working on tv news for public and commercial tv channels, newspapers and tv news agency.
From March 2011 I was based in Beijing, working as a videojournalist in the Spanish Public Television Bureau for Asia-Pacific.
In 2004, I participated in the publication of a book on the work of reporters in television, with four colleagues from the programme Alerta 112: “Una noche sin estrellas" (A Night Without Stars) Ediciones Laberinto. Colección Espejo de Tinta.

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