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santiago chile

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it was never easy to bring people boom bap tongue twisters in a continent where folkloric an pop
music predominante infact tiro de gracia opened the doors to rap whit a universal sound
embodyng the struggles of class,drugs,delinquency,and societal corruptions of a kinds those things characterized hip hop
from this side of the glove we showcased that sound on our debut album ser humano!the album went triple platinum and in 2007 it was considered as one
of the 20 most important album in the history of chilean popular music(elmercurio rolling stones)that sucess meant astarthin point.presently hip hop is a
controversial movement against the multinational mainstream i think there is a future for the music.our plan is arescue and nos ensnare it to specific styles,because hip hop is the variety of styles,anda various outputs like escape valves for the mostdemanding of material,in hip hopyour cannot close yourself,your must open doors, not close,them our future lives in the hability to embrace that

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